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Sms-India Enables you to send free sms to india to mobile phones in a qucik and fast way. Enjoy the free sms in india service and send sms to all your friends , relatives and everyone. Sms India is a service made mainly to serve indian people. Using free sms india service you can also send jokes and keypress ringtones. We are adding more and more networks to out service so that you can send free sms to mumbai delhi or any other city. we cover many networks , so you can send free sms to orange, free sms to airtel , free sms to bsnl, free sms to all mobile service providers in India . If your network is not listed it will be listed soon so you can send free sms to your network in your state. We are soon coming with alert service , Bulk sms , more features like birhtday reminders and so on. India need free sms and we provide free sms for your ease. Hope you like the website sms India for its free sms to india service.Drop me your comments at


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