Weekend Sms, Happy Weekend Sms

By | March 24, 2011

A nice collection of Weekend Sms in our message library, send to your friends and family and make them feel special and fell happy




1. Change Does Not Happen

When Circumstances


Change HAPPENS When

YOU DECIDE to Improve

Your Circumstances.!.

Have a Nice Day

and a Happy Weekend.


2. A happy day is the breeze blowing through your hair.


A happy day is sunshine warming your skin.


A happy day is eating your favorite meal.


A happy day is having personal time to yourself.


A happy day is walking away from the stresses of life.


A happy day is appreciating having your health.


A happy day is reflecting on all the special people who are there for you.


A happy day is appreciating that you were given this day to enjoy, so make the best of it.

Happy Weekend.



3. Hey, have a wonderful week end.


Can you smell Friday?


I tell ya . . .. It’s Friday!!!


I can smell it. . . . the weekend’s getting closer!!!

Keep going . .. it’s nearly the weekend


Put your hands in da air and wave ‘em like you just don’t care. . . . cause


IT’S Friday!


It’s time to do the Friday dance

Happy Weekend.


4. Marvellous Monday,

Tasty Tuesday,

Wonderful Wednesday

Thankful Thursday

Friendly Friday,

Successful Saturday,

Sweetest Sunday.


Happy Weekend


5. Feb 7 – Rose Day.

Feb 8 – Propose Day.

Feb 9 – Chocolate Day.

Feb 10 – Teddy Bear Day.

Feb 11 – Promise Day.

Feb 12 – Love Day.

Feb 13 – Hug Day.

Feb 14 – Valentine Day.

So I Wish U “Romantic Week””

Happy Weekend


6. Be audacious in your hope.

Hope opens doors.

Hope sheds lights on circumstances.

Hope pushes ahead when it would be easy to quit.

Hope is free from expectations.

Hope is a fulfilling feeling.

Happy Weekend.



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