Avoid SMS

By | April 5, 2010


Hard But true:
“Ignorance upto a time would raise ur value
but when it is adopted as a habit
it will make others ignore you…”

Avoid Smile

1 girl,
1 smile 1 smile,
1 meet 1 meeting,
1 propose 1 propose,
1 love 1 love,
1 marriage 1 marriage,
999999 problems
So 1st avoid the smile!

Those Who Hate Me

Why would I avoid those who hate me?
when I can make their lives miserable just by existing.. 😀

Just Like Love

someone could easily escape from a gun, but he can never avoid the bullet.
just like love.
you could easily avoid the person, but never the love that strikes the heart. 🙂

Winning Sms

GoLden RuLe…
You can win life
by all means
If you simply avoid
Two things:
“Expectation” …..

Avoid Aids

Wear double condoms with chilli powder in between .
IF outer breaks she will shout,if outer breaks u will shout…


silence of mouth may avoid many problems………….
smile of a mouth may solve all the problems………..
so always have a sweet,silent smile?

Save Trees No Exam

It takes 15 trees to produce the amount of paper that we use 2 write in 1 exam.
Join us in promoting d noble coz of saving treez…..
SAY NO to exams:-)


“avoidence is d biggest punishment u can give 2 ur loved ones.
and it is the most painfull experience u can recive from ur loved ones..”
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