Farewell Sms, Farewell Messages

By | March 27, 2011

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1. Hope you keep me in mind as much as I will do. Hope we keep in touch and meet again


2. You have to let go off the past to fully hug the future with open arms. Wish you the strength to carry on. Have a great life.


3. Sometimes I wonder what???s on your mind.

But the other times I bother not to care.

Some words are left unsaid.

These unsaid words need to be said.

Mistakes can occur.

It may have or did already.

We both are in pain wondering what???s on each other mind.

My mind is left blank.

Blank because it???s missing.


4. Wish this day hadn’t come, wish you were never going away. But now that you are, I don???t have much to say except for the fact that your company was one of the best I have ever had. I will miss you a lot.


5. Farewell false love, the oracle of lies,

A mortal foe and enemy to rest,

An envious boy, from whom all cares arise,

A bastard vile, a beast with rage possessed,

A way of error, a temple full of treason,

In all effects contrary unto reason.


6. Goodbyes are not forever.


Goodbyes are not the end.


They simply mean I’ll miss you


Until we meet again!


7. The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past,

You can’t get on well in life until you

Let go of past failures and heartaches


8. Goodbyes are not the ends. Infact they are the beginning to something new and grand in life. Good luck for it.


9. With moist eyes and a heavy heart, I say good bye to you and wish you all the happiness in the world in all the tasks you do in the future.


10. sitaro se saji ho har khushi tumhari,

gum se koso dur ho zindagi tumhari.

mile jo muskile to ladna tum ,

tufano se kabhie na darna tum.


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